I grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas at a time when girls’ athletics were not common, nor did I come from an athletic family. I had been a member (or should I just say paid money to) many gyms over the years, and never really found anything I was consistent with, nor liked. My husband Chris was a cyclist, so my start to any consistent exercise program started on a bike, in my 30’s.

That lasted until I had two wonderful children, where finding the time for a long bike ride was not possible. I tried going back to a globo-gym setting and even tried private training, but nothing stuck.

In 2008 my husband Chris, after reading a Men’s Health article, found CrossFit. He loved it. He went on and on about how awesome it was for months. However, I thought there was no way I could do the things he told me he was doing. He finally convinced me to try it out, so in April 2009, I tried my first class. It was amazing! I love the community that comes with CrossFit. So much so, that we wanted to bring it to our friends in Lake Highlands. And so, CrossFit Lake Highlands was born. In the last few years we began new offerings (like the Cardio class) and housed them under Lake Highlands Strength and Conditioning umbrella.