Member Testimonials

The members at Lake Highlands Strength and Conditioning are your neighbors, peers and friends. They are a cross section of Lake Highlands. They’re not muscle heads looking to impress each other. But don’t take our word for it, hear it directly from the people who make the gym what it is.

Matt B

Matt B

In a few paragraphs, I'd like share how CrossFit Lake Highlands has changed my life for the better. But first, a bit about my background.
I'm a 39 year-old "average Joe" who wasn't blessed with much size, strength, speed or endurance. I have a congenital back disease that I was diagnosed with over ten years ago. Like many, I have a challenging career that requires extensive travel, and (far too often) I failed at managing the stress and let it affect my family life.
I share this peek into my personal life to encourage and relate to those folks whose perception of CrossFit comes primarily from ESPN or social media. I'm not an elite athlete (and never will be), but CrossFit is no less relevant, beneficial or essential to my well-being.
I joined CFLH in late 2013. I wanted an alternative to personal training, big-box gyms and boot camps, and was self-aware enough to admit I needed a push to achieve real results.
The push came from the programming, coaches and fellow members. An encouraging word from a coach or fellow CrossFitter makes such a difference, and CFLH is a welcoming and encouraging environment regardless of ability. The programming has made me functionally strong and my health has never been better.
Beyond the physical improvements in strength, body composition and endurance, CrossFit has made me mentally tougher and better equipped to manage the rigors of my career (sales). I would contend that learning how to push through a difficult workout is as valuable as any professional development I have encountered in my career.
Why CrossFit Lake Highlands? Simple answer, community. The coaches and fellow members are the "secret sauce" that makes CrossFit work for me. I look forward to that 1-hour a day where the workout is the only thing on my mind, and the community has helped me achieve results I never would have believed possible.
Many have become friends outside the gym, and I can't recall ever wanting to hang out with anyone I met at a gym prior to CFLH. We have beginners and we have elite athletes. We all get along and we all push each other to improve.

Erin D.

Amazing place... Amazing people... Amazing workouts. There is such a sense of community here. Whether you are an experienced crossfitter or a beginner you will feel welcome here!