What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is an exercise regimen that combines core conditioning, weights, fitness and body weight exercises in short, intense workouts to generate more results in less time.  The key is the intensity of the workout.  The results are better overall strength, increased energy, weight loss and a boost in overall confidence.We operate in a class atmosphere with set classes each day lasting one hour.  You can view our class times on our schedule page.

CrossFit is a group of people, coaches and athletes, who come together to motivate each other in the sport of fitness. The team atmosphere provides friendly competition by pushing one another, motivates classmates to make it to classes,  and promotes camaraderie that doesn’t exist in other programs. The same people you see at school, soccer, PTA meetings or baseball games are also part of your fitness team all pulling together to help you get the most out of the program.

I have a gym membership, why would I join your gym
Our classes are one hour long and are led by a certified instructor.  The class sizes are limited so that the instructor can give each athlete the attention they need.  We not only monitor your fitness, but help you with your diet, which, combined with CrossFit helps you achieve the results you seek quicker. You will not find this at any other large gym in the metroplex.
Can’t I do the same thing with a personal trainer at my gym?
Possibly.  However, what you will not get is the intensity of working out with your neighbors, friends and fellow athletes in a fun, challenging atmosphere.  You will never be able to re-create the intensity of a CrossFit workout in a one on one session with a personal trainer.  People train harder in a small group atmosphere.  An additional factor is cost.  With CrossFit you receive personal training at a much more reasonable cost than personal training at the globo gyms.
This sounds hard, can I do this?
Absolutely!  CrossFit features multiple programs intended to get the most out of every class participant.  It can be scaled for each athlete depending on the fitness level and is tailored to your needs with a coach’s supervision. By limiting class sizes, not only does each participant get personalized attention and motivation from the coach to help them set fitness goals and reach their potential but also learns to understand their limitations so that they don’t overextend themselves.

You notice I keep saying “athlete.”  You are an athlete from the moment you step into a CrossFit gym.  The level of athleticism in each class member varies, but you are all athletes.

I don’t want to build big muscles, are you sure this is for me?
CrossFit will not build big muscles.  What it will do is tone your muscles and shed the pounds.  It is very difficult to gain weight or muscle mass in CrossFit and takes a concerted effort of excess calories to do so.  Bottom line, you are going to lose weight and lean out, not in just your legs or arms, but all over.  Some members have lost in excess of 5 pounds and inches off their waste in a few weeks!
What can I expect if I join CrossFit?
You can expect a fun, supportive atmosphere with a top notch workout designed to help you achieve the fastest results in the shortest period of time.
Is this like a boot-camp?
Absolutely not.  This is not an “in your face” yelling at you type of gym.  It is a fun, supportive and positive atmosphere designed to get you into the gym and succeed at your fitness goals.  Classes are year-round and typically done inside.
How do I get started?
We like to meet our potential members in a one on one free intro session.  It lasts approximately an hour and there is a short workout at the end.  To schedule your intro simply click on the “Get Started” tab on our home page and follow the links.  If you do not see a time that suits you, email us and we will figure a time that works.
I don’t know, I am a little nervous about the whole thing.
The hardest part of CrossFit is walking through the front door.  However, once you come in I promise that you will feel right at home and we will tailor the workout for YOU and only you.  You will be able to do the workout, you will feel great afterwards and you will want to come back.  Your road to fitness will have begun.
Do you have any other workout programs?
Yes we do!  Our Fitness program is designed with a focus on the cardiovascular system and endurance.  To find out more about Fitnessclick here.