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    Lake Highlands Strength and Conditioning is a unique fitness experience that provides much more than fitness. We believe that fitness can help families change their lives through diet, exercise and fun. We’re our own little community that pushes one another, encourages one another and helps one another out. We want you to be part of it.

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Lake Highlands Strength and Conditioning

<span style="color: #D0112B;">Fitness</span>


We have a range of fitness offering including Crossfit and Cardio.

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<span style="color: #D0112B;">Family</span>


At Lake Highlands Strength and Conditioning we care about our members and their families.

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<span style="color: #D0112B;">Fun</span>


One thing we've seen is that real friendships are formed at our gym.

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The 2017 Boil is on! ...

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Reminder: Our Crawfish Boil is tomorrow! All the activities will be inside, so we will not cancel due to rain. See you then! ...

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There is new stuff on the way from Power Supply. Lindsay from Power Supply will be here tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 25) with food to taste and to tell you about all the great new things happening. Don't miss out! ...

Wanted to share a quick look at some of the new and better stuff that's in the works. Can't wait to start rolling out some of these improvements. Much, MUCH, more to come next week. pwrsp.ly/sneak_peek

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