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    Lake Highlands Strength and Conditioning is a unique fitness experience that provides much more than fitness. We believe that fitness can help families change their lives through diet, exercise and fun. We’re our own little community that pushes one another, encourages one another and helps one another out. We want you to be part of it.

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Lake Highlands Strength and Conditioning

<span style="color: #D0112B;">Fitness</span>


We have a range of fitness offering including Crossfit and Cardio.

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<span style="color: #D0112B;">Family</span>


At Lake Highlands Strength and Conditioning we care about our members and their families.

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<span style="color: #D0112B;">Fun</span>


One thing we've seen is that real friendships are formed at our gym.

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100K Meter Challenge delivered our trophy on Saturday. It looks great in the case. Let's make sure it stays there for years to come. Thanks to everyone who participated, especially these folks who all complete the challenge!

Jason Thomas 550,866
Elizabeth Crusius 484,283
Justin Adams 406,402
Kurt Kampfschulte 365,723
Rebekah Hernandez 306,580
Elizabeth Brazeal 255,120
Ben Carroum 250,600
Warren Sibley 211,722
Rick Beadle 204,000
Grant Myers 202,641
Paul Ordway 200,650
Takeshi Fujii 175,644
August Claybrook 165,072
Jeff Ankeny 163,260
Richard Miller 162,364
Chris Brower 159,675
Jeff Radighieri 152,342
Reed Wilcox 148,735
Edward Slater 146,277
Leslie Collier 142,285
thomas squire 127,657
Campbell Letch 121,400
Shelley Woodbury 120,250
Jeremy Abbey 113,438
Clay Frenzel 111,914
Wade Griffith 111,100
Mick Kennedy 109,261
Laura Recer 108,900
Jeb Honeyman 108,724
Michael Perkins 107,150
Jill Valachovic 106,079
Erika Herridge 105,860
Matthew Bray 105,400
Kathleen Wernicke 104,000
Cash McElroy 103,850
Jordan Brazeal 103,675
Virginia Burchell 103,596
Ryan Collier 102,982
Chris Neilson 102,180
Lorri Spath 102,062
Jim Terry 101,550
Carrie Bray 101,338
Robert Milam 101,000
Jeremy Sain 100,720
Joy Mcelroy 100,615
Courtney Slater 100,611
Adam Sims 100,300
Lisa Schmiedeke 100,088
Reid Grandle 100,072
Clark Dennington 100,000
Leslie Sims 100,000

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